12½  things I’ve learnt in 12½  years of marriage

12½ things I’ve learnt in 12½ years of marriage

So, a few days ago Tessera and I celebrated our 12 ½ year anniversary. And during these years I have done things well, but also made mistakes. And it is always important to learn from your mistakes. So, in honour of our anniversary I’m going to share the 12 ½ things I’ve learnt in 12½ years of marriage. Your relationship with God effects your relationship with my wife During my married … Read More


Today people in the USA celebrate thanksgiving. I may not be American, but I do believe in being thankful. So here is what I’m thankful for: I’m thankful for: Tessera, my lovely wife Happy memories Ability to live and enjoy it No more soap operas Knowing I have family that care for me Salvation through Jesus Good food I am leukaemia survivor Very lovable cats Interesting facts, always keep learning Nail … Read More

Text without Context is Pretext

Missing the context can be funny for many reasons. As in when you are in a discussion and someone joins in mid-sentence and responds on that bit of info, it can be funny. But this is innocent. One of my favourite types of context misunderstandings is when there are multiple conversations. A great example is when I would visit Tessera during our dating period. I would then eat there. And what … Read More

My Personal Diet

  One thing I had to learn by experimentation was diet. What are you supposed to eat, when should you eat it, and how much should you have. Today I’ll take you through my diet journey. Before I start the journey, I must explain something. This is not a diet that will solve all your problems. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect diet’. When someone claims this, they are … Read More

Fight songs

One of the great things about music is it’s a great way to get you going when you feel down. Tessera and I refer to such songs as fight songs. During the years I’ve collected a few that I listen to with purpose of getting my blood pumping or pulling me out of a rut. Here is a list of my favourite fight songs (and some of Tessera’s), and what makes … Read More

Leukemia Testimony

Chapter 1: The start This story starts on Saturday 17 June 2017. I had been working in the garden that day. It was hot, and had been so for a few weeks. I took a shower afterwards, and noticed red dots, spots and splotches around my wrists, ankles, in between my elbows, and other such places. I didn’t think much of it, but Tessera, my wife, was worried. Because they were … Read More