Inotuzumab – Did it work? – Leukemia update – Part 23

Here is an update on how the new Inotizimab treatment went. And I answer some questions Tessera and I received during the the last week about my stay in the hospital.

Mental Strength

Mental Strength

I recently got the news that my leukemia has come back. And pretty bad. It would appear that my mutated cells have driven out my donor’s stem cells, and now we have to start all over. The prednisone pills, the chemotherapy, the weeks of hospitalization, the killing of the bone marrow, finding a new donor, and the recovery. News like this is very hard to take. And it requires a mental … Read More

Leukemia Testimony

Chapter 1: The start This story starts on Saturday 17 June 2017. I had been working in the garden that day. It was hot, and had been so for a few weeks. I took a shower afterwards, and noticed red dots, spots and splotches around my wrists, ankles, in between my elbows, and other such places. I didn’t think much of it, but Tessera, my wife, was worried. Because they were … Read More