What is a church? – Part 14

This week I read Acts 24. Ananias, the High Priest, with some elders and a spokesman go to see Felix about getting Paul into their custody. They accused him of starting riots. Paul provides a defence against their accusations (24:1-21). Paul is kept in custody for 2 years, often conversing with Felix (24:22-27). A new governor, Festus, arrives. The Jewish leaders again try to get Paul in their custody. Festus askes … Read More

What is a church? Part 13

This week I read Acts 20, 21, 22, and 23. Chapter 19 ends with the riot in Ephesus. We start by reading Paul departing and traveling to Greece and then Macedonia and ending in Troas (20:1-6). While there Paul preaches all night, and Eutycus falls asleep at the window falls out, 3 stories, and dies. Paul brings him to life (20:7-12). We then get a lot of travel plans (20:13-16). In … Read More

What is a church? Part 12

This week I read Acts 17, 18 and 19. We start with Paul and Silas coming to Thessalonica. There they preach and some are saved. Some Jews cause an uproar is and start accusing a man named Jason who had helped them (17:1-9). Paul and Silas are sent to Berea, where they again preach, and many are saved. Jews from Thessalonica come and cause more problems. Paul again flees and goes … Read More