Why is there evil?

Why is there evil?

I got a question from my wife one day She asked, If the world was created very good, why is there natural occurring radiation? There are 2 ways of answering this question. I could to a study on radiation, what role it plays in creation, and how it may have changed because of sin and the flood. Or I could generalize the question to something like why do bad stuff happen, … Read More

How my life has changed through sickness

How my life has changed through sickness

Sometimes you hear stories of people going through difficult times, and coming out of them with changed lives. They find God, or realize they need to show more love. In some cases, people totally change their way of life. But I always said the way I entered my sickness was the way I came out. No change. My reasoning was 2-fold. Firstly, I am a born-again Christian. That has not changed. … Read More


In life if we want to move forward we need to be willing to fail or receive feedback. Basically we need to be willing to be vulnerable. To explain this point, I have a video from an insightful young lady (ok, she’s my wife, but it’s all still true). Enjoy.

Prayer and Science

While going through the news today I came across an interesting article. United States vice president Mike Pence was put in charge of the U.S.A.’s Corona virus team. These guys are going to determine a strategy to fight the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S.A. What I was impressed with was that they started their meeting with prayer. But the article also went on to explain that there was a lot … Read More

12½  things I’ve learnt in 12½  years of marriage

12½ things I’ve learnt in 12½ years of marriage

So, a few days ago Tessera and I celebrated our 12 ½ year anniversary. And during these years I have done things well, but also made mistakes. And it is always important to learn from your mistakes. So, in honour of our anniversary I’m going to share the 12 ½ things I’ve learnt in 12½ years of marriage. Your relationship with God effects your relationship with my wife During my married … Read More

Text without Context is Pretext

Missing the context can be funny for many reasons. As in when you are in a discussion and someone joins in mid-sentence and responds on that bit of info, it can be funny. But this is innocent. One of my favourite types of context misunderstandings is when there are multiple conversations. A great example is when I would visit Tessera during our dating period. I would then eat there. And what … Read More