What is a church? Part 3

What is a church? Part 3

This week I read Acts 3 and 4. Briefly what happens is Peter and John are going to the temple to pray, when they heal a man in Jesus name (Acts 3:1-10). When questioned on this they preach Jesus resurrected (Acts 3:11-26). This angers the Sadducees who have them arrested (Acts 4:1-4). Later they are brought before the Sanhedrin, who threaten them not to preach Jesus. They tell the Sanhedrin that … Read More

What is a church? Part 2

This week I went through Acts 2. In this chapter the believers are waiting for the Holy Spirit. As they are filled/baptized they start speaking in tongues, which in the context of the chapter is foreign languages (Acts 2:1-4). The believers are then outside, and everyone hears the gospel in his/her language. This creates a lot of questions, which Peter answers by preaching and a lot of Jews are saved that … Read More

What is a Church? Part 1

As I read chapter 1 from Acts, more questions are raised than answers given. This is natural considering that I do not want to read my preconceived ideas into the scripture. I will go through these questions in this post. I will do this based on how I read, which is paragraph by paragraph. Acts 1: 1-5 This is Luke’s introduction to his historical work. And a short piece on Jesus … Read More