What is a church? Part 11

This week I read Acts 16. We start with Paul and Silas coming to Derbe and Lystra. They pick up Timothy there and take him with them (v1-5). They try and preach in many areas but are restricted by the Holy Spirit and Jesus. But are then called to Macedonia via a vision of a man calling (v6-10). They travel to Philippi, Macedonia. After a few days the meet Lydia, who … Read More

What is a church? Part 8

This week I read Acts 13. This is the start of Paul’s missionary journey. We also see their strategy for preaching. Let us look at some interesting point in this Chapter. The church in Antioch is mentioned again. As a separate entity than that of Jerusalem While the church in Jerusalem has elders, we read that the church in Antioch has prophets and teachers. There are 5 in total. Prophets are … Read More